Configuration is simply by editing one single file, config.ini , this contains the information needed to start any script. You can use any linux based file editor, the simplest being ‘nano’ . Licencing is automated, you will get access to the scripts based on your licence status.

; Version 6.1.7 MUL SOL SDS
; Nominet (UK) Preset – Edit with TLD variables if required
; For Support – Raise a Ticket at –
; ———————————————————————–

; *** EPP SERVER ***
; Enter the details for your EPP server as a FQDN only, values
; are preset for Nominet. Port number for the EPP server Port and
; your EPP password. Your registrar will require you to lodge the IP
; used for EPP access, you can have upto 6 EPP sockets running

[Epp Server]
epp_server_address =
epp_port = 700
epp_password =

; ———————————————————————–

; *** DAC SERVER ***
; Enter the details for your DAC server which can be be an FQDN or IP
; followed by the Port number. Your registrar will require you to lodge
; the IP used for DAC access, you can have upto four DAC sockets
; running concurrently. DAC does not require a password.

[DAC Server]
dac_server_address =
dac_server_port = 3043

; ———————————————————————–

; *** NAME SERVERS ***
; By default, names servers are not used when using the drop catch script
; as it uses time resources during registration.
; This option can is required for the standalone registration script.

[Name Servers]
name_server_1 =
name_server_2 =

; ———————————————————————–

; *** Misc ***
; Enter the period of time you would like new domains registrations to
; be made, from 1 to 10 years. Only applicable to the robin.php and
; register.php scripts

; Your account ID is the NEW Nominet EPP ID
; and not the account ID as per old schemas, you can call Nominet to ask
; for an account ID to use, or use the accountid.php file to find the EPP
; account ID for any domain already on your TAG.

; Enter any email address to for ownership registration

; The software can auto update on every run without user intervention
; Select 1 for auto update or select 0 for no auto update.
; Note : Some versions may require you to re enter this information
: so please make a backup of the old config.ini

reg_period_years = 1
account_id =
email_send_address =
auto_update_switch = 0

; ———————————————————————–

; *** LICENCE KEY ***
; On purchase, you would have received a licence key, paste it below
; without omitting any of the characters. This key will only work
; for a single IPS tag .If you do not have a key you can purchase one
; at

[Licence Key]
licence_key =
; ———————————————————————–