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DSS Domain Drop Catch Software – Linux Shell

£279.95 + vat

VERSION CMPV 80029 Rev F – Linux Shell

domain drop catching software commercial

The Shell version of our Domain Drop Catching Software, licenced for use with a single TAG, Multi VTASK DAC, high speed DAC lookups at a rate of 432000 per 24hrs or 1000 per minute, concurrent registrations (ie .uk and and drop to registration in under 4 microseconds.

Works in any country that supports EPP and DAC, config file can be modified for use with any complying EPP and DAC registrar (there are 64 countries with this), preset for Nominet uk domains.

The DDS DAC EPP Software is a Linux shell application to utilise the DAC and EPP servers at any compliant registrar for the purpose of Drop Catching domain names at ultra high speed, with the ability to lookup multiple domain status at unlimited rates, of which are determined by the Registrar.  For example, Nominet allows 1000 hits per minute or 432000 over a 24 hour period, however, the software can exceed these rates by far.

The process is fully automated, right down to the catch result and EPP registration, which occurs in under 4 microseconds from when the DAC reports a drop, one that has taken years to develop.  The process also allows for concurrent domain catching, ideal for registrars such as Nominet that has a complex .uk ownership procedure.

The DDS Software is completely configurable through a simple script file, where different Registrars can be used, or changes can be made for testbeds.  A licence key is required to run and anti piracy measures are in place with the use of an LSV4 licencing server, we do issue 7 day trial keys on request.

Registrars release domains into the public pool for registration at a pre defined period after they have been suspended, in most cases, this is accurate, so the Drop Catching software would be run on that day for a particular domain name(s), there are many drop list databases on the internet that calculate this for you, the best one seems to be Domainlore, where (free) subscribers can actually see pre bids on names due to drop.

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